10 Slang Words to Know Before Traveling to Colombia

Is it accurate to say that you are wanting to visit the excellent nation of Colombia soon? Provided that this is true, here are some helpful slang words and expressions you’ll need to know. While this rundown does exclude each Colombian slang word, it ought to fill in as a valuable establishment as you explore your way around the nation and talk with local people.

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1. Vuelta a la manzana = Go around the piece

When you’re given bearings, you may hear this expression utilized. It truly intends to circumvent the apple, yet the apple you go around is really the road piece.

se:Voy a dar una vuelta a la manzana. Necesito aire fresco. (Will circumvent the piece. I require outside air.)


2. Rumba = Party

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Colombians love to have rumbas until first light. In case you’re searching for a night of moving, enthusiastic music, and blending with the neighborhood swarms, you’ll need to know this word when you hear it. It is generally used to portray going out for a night on the town.

Llegó el blade de semana y vamos a salir de rumba esta noche. (It’s the end of the week and will party today evening time.)


3. Guayabo = Hangover

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On the off chance that you go de rumba, odds are the following day you’ll wake up with somewhat of a guayabo. You’ll require this word to go with that goliath glass of water you’ll need when you wake up.


Salí de rumba ayer y ahora tengo guayabo. No te imaginas cómo me duele la cabeza. (I went out to gathering the previous evening and now I have a headache. You can’t envision how much my head harms.)

4. Me regala… = Would you give me…

In Colombia, when you request something, you say ¿me regala… ? This actually converts into Would you blessing me… ? It might sound somewhat odd requesting that somebody blessing you a glass of water, however it’s an expression Colombians utilize all an opportunity to request favors. Remember to include por support toward the end!

¿Me regala una menta por support? (Would you give me a mint please?) alt


5. Parce = Dude

This word is especially well known among Colombian young people. Another variety of a similar word is parcero/a.

¡Parce, hace rato no te veo! (Man, I haven’t seen you in so long!) alt

6. Embarrar = To foul up

This phrase actually means sloppy something up. It bodes well – mud makes a significant chaos! On the off chance that you happen to embarrar, simply grin and continue rehearsing your Spanish!

No estudié lo suficiente para el examen, así que creo que la embarré. (I didn’t consider adequately for the exam, so I think I botched up.)

7. Mamar gallo = To prod

This expression actually intends to suckle the chicken, which appears somewhat interesting. In any case, you’ll presumably hear it a great deal since Colombians LOVE to prod. This word is especially viable when combined with a witty rebound.

Mi hermano necesita parar de mamarme gallo cuando pongo mi defender sun based cuando vamos a caminar el perro. (My sibling needs to quit prodding me when I put on sunscreen when we walk the pooch.)

8. Berraco/a = Someone talented in something

On the off chance that somebody is a berraco/an, it implies he or she is truly astounding at accomplishing something. It’s a remarkable compliment, so in the event that you are called it, well done!

Esa chica es una berraca para la ortografía. (That young lady is truly talented in spelling.)

9. Hacer una vaca = Pool cash together

On the off chance that you and your companions are in Colombia and need to arrange an outing together, this expression will be especially helpful. You’ll need to hacer una vaca to set aside to take a street trip, go to a show, or even lease a house out for the end of the week in Anapoima!


Este blade de semana debemos hacer una vaca entre todos para alquilar una casa en la playa. (This end of the week we ought to all pool our cash together to lease a house on the shoreline.)

10. Puente = Three day end of the week

Between the Catholic festivals and the days regarding the nation’s progressive history, there are many occasions in Colombia. For the most part, those occasions are praised on Mondays, considering extended weekends called puentes. Thanks.



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